Interview with Ganesan ‘Bala’ Balachander, a Nature For Justice Senior Advisor

Ganesan ‘Bala’ Balachande

Old Wine in New Bottles. Nature-based Solutions in the Indian Farming Landscape. Ganesan ‘Bala’ Balachande started his career in physics but his real interest was always in wildlife conservation. He has over three decades of experience at the global, regional, and national levels in corporate banking, international development, applied ecological research, and social enterprises. He […]

Interview with Jasmine Gibson, Our Regional Hub Outreach Coordinator

Jasmine Gibson

Jasmine Gibson Working closely with Clarenda Stanley on our BIPOC Farmers Project and Farmer Inclusion is our new Regional Hub Outreach Coordinator Jasmin Gibson who took some time out of her day to let us get to know her better. Lisa Cloete (LC): Can you tell us a short story about your background and what […]

Interview with Clarenda Stanley, N4J’s MD of Farmer Inclusion (Part 2)

Hemp, Clarenda Stanley

Clarenda Stanley is an award-winning fundraiser, communications professional, and CEO/Founder of Green Heffa Farms, the nation’s first Certified B Corp Black-owned farm. Clarenda hosted the first-ever W.A.S.H. event in North Carolina in early October. She took a break from her morning farming recently to give me the lowdown on what it was all about. Click […]

Interview with Clarenda Stanley, N4J’s MD of Farmer Inclusion (Part 1)

Clarenda Stanley

We recently welcomed Clarenda Stanley as the new Managing Director of Farmer Inclusion for Nature for Justice. Clarenda is a farmer herself who grows herbs and medicinal plants in North Carolina. Clarenda works in communications and fundraising as well, bringing in a multidisciplinary approach to running the N4J BIPOC Farmers Initiative. Lisa Cloete (LC): As […]

What is Blue Carbon?

Blue Carbon

And why it’s imperative to protect this precious resource Blue carbon is the name for carbon captured by oceans and coastal ecosystems. Carbon sequestration and storage in mangroves, salt marshes and seagrass meadows is an essential coastal ‘blue carbon’ ecosystem service for climate change mitigation. The marine environment – the oceans and their diverse coastal […]

Interview with Micheal O’Brien-Onyeka: Capacity Building – Thoughts from a Builder

Michael O'Brien-Oneyka

We are very pleased to have Michael O’Brien-Onyeka join our team at Nature For Justice. Micheal comes with an impressive set of skills and significant experience. Along with having been the Senior Vice President – Africa Field Division at Conservation International, Michael has held senior positions at Greenpeace Africa, Oxfam, the National Democratic Institute, the […]

What is Regenerative Farming? A South African Example.

South Africa, Regenerative Agricultuure

Jurgen Johannes Streichter is a grain farmer in South Africa’s southern Cape and which lies within the Gouritz Biosphere Region where we are currently engaged in various projects. Jurgen started  converting from conventional farming practices, which includes the tilling of soil, towards conservation agriculture as early as the 1980’s. He did this for various reasons […]

Irrecoverable Carbon: Let’s Protect The Boreal

Nature For Justice Indigenous Advisor Steve Nitah and I have been talking a lot about how to protect the Boreal forests of Canada given the enormous challenge posed by climate change. When tackling such vast problems, knowing where to start is half the battle. Thanks to Allie Goldstein and others for their work published in […]

NatureBank: New N4J Partner

Interview with Cornelia Rindt Lisa Cloete (LC): 1. Thank you for joining us today Cornelia. Can you tell us a bit more about the work you do at NatureBank? Cornelia Rindt (CR): I am the Director for Domestic Land Use for NatureBank and what that means is that I look after the development of our […]

Interview with Flynn Bucy, Ph.D: Nature For Justice’s Advisory Network Leader

Flynn Bucy, Ph.D. is a well-known senior specialist in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Futures Studies. He has been a senior executive in both large and small businesses, the Director for the high-profile Center for Entrepreneurship at Baylor University, and worked extensively with World Vision and other major non-profits. He has […]

Carbon Offsetting 101

Currently, next to “Nature Based Solutions” (NBS), “carbon offsetting” is one of the big buzzwords in the environmental community – and there are as many questions around this concept as there is hype. Being that Nature For Justice seeks to address social justice through working with nature, we are very much involved in both NBS […]