Interview with Kristine Zeigler: Climate Leadership — Gender Balance Matters

To cap our month of featuring women leaders, we interviewed Kristine Zeigler, CEO of the new organization Planet Women. This is the second article featuring Kristine, previously we published, “It’s Time To Put Women in Charge Of Saving The Planet.” Lisa Cloete (LC): Kristine, thank you for joining us.  Your mission is to ‘combine the […]

Interview with Missy Rosen: Nurturing Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity

Melissa (Missy) Rosen Bio: Chief People Advisor for Nature For Justice. Results driven HR professional in leading tactical and strategic consulting to create organizational development strategies to support key business objectives.  Background includes leadership and development of globally positioned teams.Lisa Cloete (LC): What role does the Chief People Advisor have at Nature For Justice (N4J)?Missy Rosen […]