N4J Advisory Network

Bringing Expertise and Advice to Our Organizational Partners


Nature For Justice is developing an Advisory Network to connect experienced professionals with innovative partnerships implementing Nature-Based Solutions around the world.

The purpose for building a professional advisory network is to increase N4J’s impact by organizing an effective system to identify and improve the abilities of our in-country partners to address the needs of those most affected by the climate crisis.


The objectives of N4J’s Advisory Network include:
  • Provide a method to identify, vet and access a broad range of relevant professionals that might be willing to assist N4J to fulfill its mission to connect resources with trusted partnership networks
  • Extend N4J’s capacity, reach and effectiveness in responding to needs uncovered around specific collaboration projects
  • Identify in-country expertise that can fill specific roles
  • Offer feedback and advice to N4J management on N4J activities

Process Framework

The basic process for building, maintaining, and supporting the Network include:
  • Stage 1: Framing the Opportunity
  • Stage 2: Recruiting and On-Boarding
  • Stage 3: Matching and Monitoring

Areas of Expertise

N4J will structure and make available a database of professional advisory resources, both through the website and individually for review by partners organizations when looking for help with specific projects in collaboration with N4J.

Advisor Profile

Advisor profiles include the following dimensions:
  • Functional
  • Primary Interests
  • Modes of Engagement
    • Mentoring
    • Pro-bono Advisor
    • Professional Engagement
    • Opportunity Identification and Pursuit
    • Fund-Raising

For more information about the N4J Advisory Network please contact one of the founders (Hank Cauley, Frank Hicks, or Kevin Bryan) or Flynn Bucy through LinkedIn.